Idealizing Love

Knowing what you want is key, but what happens when your goals are an idealized version of what is possible? We have been sold so many dreams and given so many messages of what to expect out of our partner and our relationships from various outlets, which impacts what we expect out of love.  In this episode, we will explore how leading with your ideal expectations when choosing a mate and determining satisfaction within your relationship can cause you to end up alone and on the sidelines of love.

All Things Online Dating and Mating with Damona Hoffman

Have you been dating online with limited success or numerous horror stories?  If so, this episode is for you!  No more losing at love or blindly swiping.  This week, certified dating coach, radio host and…

Recognize When You are Too Good

  Being a bad girl means refusing to settle for less than you deserve.  In this week’s episode of Bad Girl’s Guide to Love, I discuss how to recognize when you are too good for…

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