How to Nail Your First Date and Leave Him Wanting More

Have you been on numerous first dates with no luck?  Are you getting ghosted or had one too many guys fizzle out?  Maybe there is something going awry during your first date or interaction!  First dates can be anxiety provoking, but they don’t have to be!  This week’s episode of Bad Girl’s Guide to Love covers how to rick your first date and be sure to have him interested.  I also help a listener figure out what has been going wrong on her first dates after a long term relationship.

How to Keep it Sexy in Your Relationship

The stability and consistency of a relationship are two of the most attractive things about finding the one.  But, they are not all what a relationship should be about!  It is important to keep the…

How to Navigate Out Earning Your Partner

More often than ever before, women are earning more than their partners.  Recent statistics show that 40% of wives earn more than their husbands.  But what does this mean for relationship dynamics?  Can a partnership…

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